1. Download the theme. You should have received an email from Notable Themes with the link to download and the license key. You should also be able to access the theme when you login to using the email address you used to purchase the theme. Lastly, you can email if you are still unable to access the theme file and/or license key.
2. From your Wordpress Dashboard go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.
3. Locate your theme’s zip file and select Install Now.
Note: If you use the Safari web browser and cannot locate you zip, see this article.
4. After the theme is installed successfully, click Activate.
5. Activate the license: Select the theme name in the Wordpress menu on the left side of the page then select Licensing.
6. Enter your license key and click Validate License.
NOTE: Do not press more than once and do not leave the page until the license is applied. Otherwise this will cause the license validation to fail and a new key will have to be requested.


Congratulations! Your theme is now installed.